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Kosto Food products manufactures a wide variety of dry dessert mixes using state of the art blending and packaging processess.  Our products use the finest ingredients, which result in superior flavors.

Meringue Mix and Powder 

Malted Malt Powder

This is the best in the industry.  The powder is made the old fashion way with a rich malt flavor and aroma.

Slush Mixes and Neutral Base

Multiple fruit flavors.

Kosto Pudding

Best pudding on the retail market!  Chocolate and Vanilla puddings sold in Chicago area retail outlets.  

Also available online at Walmart and 

Kosto Chocolate Pudding, 4oz.

Kosto Chocolate Pudding & Pie Filling, 4oz.

Flavored Coffee Mixes, Topping Syrup Powder, and Italian Ice

Food Pak Pudding

Sold to distributors, restaurants, and schools.

Soft Serve Ice Cream Mixes

Sold to Dairy Queen franchises.


Kosto Meringue powder is a dried egg white product containing a small amount of sugar.  It is used in recipes that do not reach safe enough temperature to use fresh egg whites.  It adds body to royal icing, meringue, boiled icing and stabilizes buttercream.  Meringue powder can also be used in place of raw egg whites in pies, cakes, pavlovas, or to make mushrooms for a Bruche de Noel.  Meringue powder has a long shelf life (up to two years), as long as it's kept dry and not contaminated by dipping a wet or used spoon into it.

  • Versatile, makes meringue, royal icing, butterhead icing, and boiled icing
  • For meringue, just add powdered sugar and water, mix as directed.
  • Available in standard packaging: 12-4 oz., 12-8 oz., 12-16 oz., and 50# bags.